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Mountain Folk is a string band based in Santa Cruz, California. When we're asked what kind of music we play, we usually say Americana. Our current repertoire is comprised of selected classics, borrowed from a variety of genres, including elements of folk, bluegrass, country, old time, and rock. Mountain Folk's silky lead vocals, rich harmonies, and intricately woven melodies offer a unique and satisfying listening experience.

With six members in the band, our sound is rich and full. Brian Alderson Smith's smooth, deep voice and powerful rhythm guitar are at the core of our sound. Aurore Sibley adds her tight vocal harmonies and a second rhythm guitar. Rhonda Kinard, on upright bass, is the heartbeat of the band, our rhythmic anchor. Don Taylor, on banjo, adds just the right amount of twang to give us that distinctive old-timey sound. Laura Staats, on mandolin, brings sweet highs to the mix to help spice things up a bit. Stuart Wilson's violin is like the glue that binds our sound together, with rich sustain and sophisticated melody lines that add emotional depth to our sound.

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